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We're a San Diego, CA custom surfboard shop that specializes in home-grown surfboard designs, born and raised in the incredibly diverse surf of San Diego County. Our focus is on quality designs, fiberglass work, quick delivery, and exceptional customer service.

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Delray Surf Designs Receives 2019 San Diego Award

SAN DIEGO September 29, 2019 — Delray Surf Designs has been selected for the 2019 San Diego Award in the Surf Shop category by the San Diego Award Program.


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  • High Quality

    BBB A+ rated surfboard designs and glassing.

  • Experience

    Decades of industry experience.

  • Excellent Value

    Highest quality custom surfboards at a fair price.

  • Excellent Service

    Exceptional customer service.

  • Production Time

    Quick and efficient, all under one roof.

  • Versatile

    We offer a wide range of custom surfboard designs.

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Ricardo Estevez

I searched for an experienced shaper to create a magic fish for me to bring back to Indonesia. It was extremely short notice, I only had 1 week...Petier shaped and glassed it in 5 days, and the board is epic!! He’s a really friendly and genuine guy, he listened to exactly what I was asking and then explained in detail all of his suggestions. Petier has put thousands and thousands of hours into fine tuning surfboard design and shaping, as well as being a real surfer that surfs reall waves all over the world, and he has a degree in boat building so with that background combination it’s quite obvious that these boards would perform at a top level. I live in Indonesia on a boat, I surf really good waves almost everyday, so to have such a great board like this is priceless. Thank you Petier!!! Aloha 

PS: if anyone is coming to indo and can bring an extra Delray fish or two for me please advise, mahalos.

Ronnie V. Simmons

Drove down this past weekend from Northern California to pick up a couple of Superboards that PJ shaped for me and my friend Jan. Very stoked on the quality, shaping and the glassing. I can tell Years of tribal knowledge went into shaping this board. PJ is a very nice guy and very easy to talk to. The transaction was straight forward and easy. PJ took the time to explain how he shaped the board and what it can do (a big plus for me). The Verdict: It was good surf in San Diego and I decided to Paddle out at Cardiff reef on a 3-4 ft day and the board absolutely rips! Easy paddle, light weight, carves and cutbacks on a dime! I got addicted to the board 20 minutes into my session! I’m gonna have PJ shape me an additional board in mid summer. I’ve been surfing for almost 35 years and surfed many types of surfboards. And I can say that Delray surfboards are on the top of my list for all around, performance, durability, and craftsmanship.

Chrissy Seggerman

I am so impressed with the new board I received from Pete, I usually am not a fan of short boards, but the 6'3 board he made is a dream! You get the best of both worlds because it paddles and rides like a longboard, but you go as fast as a short board and can make some really nice turns. I can already tell that my surfing has improved and I will definitely be consulting Pete as to which boards I should get shaped in the future.

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