About Us

Delray Surfboard Designs was born and raised in San Diego, our surfboard and SUP wave riding designs are uniquely San Diegan with some of the most progressive post-modern designs available. We specialize in Sunset Cliffs style Fish, San Diego Speed eggs, Mega-Fish (8.0-11.0), the elegant Superboard Gliders, and the new line of high-performance Retro Stix fish.  All of these designs were developed in the incredible variety of waves here in San Diego and perfected over the years traveling to distant tropical waves and fine-tuned in Hawaii

Our team of experienced craftsmen are some of the best in the industry and come from a long line of successful San Diego surf companies like Canyon, Rusty Surfboards, Gordon and Smith, PSG, Kane Garden Surfboards, and Moura Surfboards.

Most of us at Delray Surfboard Designs has also traveled extensively. We have surfed exotic surf destinations and competed at the highest levels so all of these experiences and an unending passion for building surfboards goes into every custom board we built.


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