Mega-Fish (8.0 – 11.0)

  • Category

    Mega-Fish (8.0 -11.0)

  • Model

    Orca, King Fish, Whale Fish, Megalodon

  • Fins

    Wood Keels, Quads, Twinzer, C-5

  • Surf Conditions

    Micro to double-overhead plus.

  • Ride

    Incredible glide, easy to ride
    with smooth precise turns.

  • Experience Level

     Beginner to Expert surfers.

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Delray Surf Designs has been designing and building Mega-Fish surfboards since the early nineties. These boards are one of our specialties that very few surfboard manufacturers build or even know how to make.  Our Mega-Fish surfboard designs have incredible paddle power, are very fast, and turn with precision and speed.

The Mega-Fish surfboard design makes surfing fun again, they are stable, super-fast, and incredibly versatile; you can ride them from calf-high surf to waves as big as you can paddle into.  We have continuously been fine-tuning each of our models over the last two decades to ensure you are getting one of the most fun innovative surfboards on the market today.

Delray Surf Designs is a custom shop that personally designs and builds AAA+ quality surfboards for YOU and backs it up with exceptional customer service!!

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