Postmodern Fish

  • Category

    Postmodern Fish

  • Model

    Viper, Stingray, Mako, Nautilus

  • Fins

    Twin-fin, Twinzer,
    Quad, C-5

  • Surf Conditions

    Small to medium surf.

  • Ride

    Smooth, fast, precise turns, with exceptional paddle power.

  • Experience Level

    Intermediate to Expert.

Order your custom board today!

These boards fly!

Delray Surf Designs post-modern Fish is a culmination of decades fine-tuning  this surfboard design and the constant evolution of taking the best design elements of the original Fish, and fine-tuning it into an incredibly versatile high-performance Surfboard.

These designs still have the skate and paddle power of a traditional Fish but incorporate some of the best performance attributes of a classic performance shortboard!

The results are eye-opening, and these boards are fighter-jet fast, they have advantageous paddle power, and carve turns with precision and speed.  You can ride these boards 2-4” shorter than you regular board and although they work really well in your everyday average surf, these board designs excel as the waves get bigger and better.

What we do here at Delray Surf Designs is customize your custom board to your age, weight, and what you are currently riding to give you a top-line quality custom Fish surfboard at a fair price

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