San Diego Speed Eggs

  • Category

    San Diego Speed Eggs

  • Model

    UFO, Sandpiper, Falcon

  • Fins

    Tri-fin, Quad, Twinzer, C-5

  • Surf Conditions

    Micro to medium surf.

  • Ride

    Excellent paddle power, smooth, fast, easy to maneuver.

  • Experience Level

    Beginner to Advanced.

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Delray Surf Designs has always paralleled our focus on San Diego speed egg surfboards as we have with the Sunset Cliffs style Fish.

San Diego has had a long tradition of innovative high-performance speed eggs, Tony Staples, Skip Frye, and the entire crew at Gordon and Smith Surfboards in the seventies were at the forefront of these board designs; these surfer/shapers were not only exceptional surfers, but they were passionate about finding the right formula to design fuller template surfboards that would work well in the average gutless San Diego summer surf, yet excel in the strong fall/winter surf season when the waves would get consistently good.  Don’t be fooled but the fuller templates, these designs are not beginner boards, but user-friendly high-performance surfboards

Delray Surf Designs continues this San Diego tradition with our post-modern Speed Egg designs that we’ve developed over the last few decades, our board models feature multi-concaves, test-proven bottom curves, and futuristic efficient fin configurations which translate into fast carving precise turns. 

Our San Diego Speed Eggs are fast, fun, and easy-to-ride egg surfboards.

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