Sunset Cliffs Style Fish

  • Category

    Sunset Cliffs style Fish

  • Model

    Classic Twin Keel, Orca,

  • Fins

    Wood Keel, Twinzer, Quad, C5

  • Surf Conditions

    Small to medium surf.

  • Ride

    Quick, fast, and precise.

  • Experience Level

    Intermediate to Expert.

Order your custom board today!

Gone Fishing lately?

Delray Surf Designs traditional Fish are the direct descendants from the original Sunset Cliffs Fish designs.

We started riding, designing, and building these fish designs since the early seventies and continued riding and working on these classic boards without pause since then.  Our Fish designs are not retro Fish or wide nose swallow-tails, but classic wood-twin keel, Twinzer, or C-5 shapes and designs that still have the look and feel of a classic Fish, but all of the modern designs elements that work in the design parameters of a traditional Fish.

Delray Surf Designs is a custom shop not far from where the fish design was born so we build your authentic Sunset Cliffs Style Fish to your specific needs with AAA+ quality and exceptional customer Service.

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