Superboard Glider

  • Category

    Superboard Gliders

  • Model

    Liberator, Aurora, Cross Country

  • Fins

    Quad, C-5

  • Surf Conditions

    Micro to MONSTER big.

  • Ride

    Smooth, elegant, effortless to ride.

  • Experience Level

     Beginner to Expert surfers.

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Delray Surf Designs created these surfboards designs that is a category that is all in its own, very few builders will even manufacture boards like these and even fewer now how to build them. 

We’ve been building these gliders for almost 20 years now and spent many years fine-tuning the designs until we got the formula down; we engineered these board designs using hand-shapes, computer CAD technology, and hydrodynamic principles so these surfboards have hyper-paddle power, immediately get to speed, and are one of the most elegant gliders in the marketplace.  These boards are also turn with speed and precision and are really easy to ride.

We’ve built countless Superboard gliders over the years and we yet to have a disappointed customer, we custom build these boards exclusively with EPS foam and epoxy so even an 11 footer is lightweight and effortless to ride.

Superboard Gliders work especially well for older surfers or big guys and even after surfing a few hours on these boards, you’re never worn out or exhausted.

If you ride a longboard and don’t really noseride or you can’t get in the water like you use to, these boards really make surfing fun again!

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